Social media strategy and presence

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Art Direction / Digital Design

The main objective was to design the digital identity and scale strategy of the company.

Every digital communication and asset would follow the same guidelines.

The main challenge was to showcase the products / new collections all while keeping the target audience engaged on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

I started defining the core values of the company, which were:

- Personalized Images

- Collections

After that it was decided that the content would be divided into 5 sections:

  • - Product Images/Mockups
  • - Art Quotes
  • - Blog Posts
  • - Memes

Each week we would set up the goal for the week and decide the number of posts we would do accordingly. That number would be divided between the different sections with each correspondent percentage. At the end of each week, we would measure results.

All the artworks displayed would have to be on sale on the site so that if any of the posts went viral, which in many cases they did, we could gain some conversions from that traffic.